Are Online Slots Random?

This question has been asked by many slot players. Often times, they don't get the answers they seek. The only reason why they ask this question is that they lose more games than you can count. So they come up with the conclusion that no player can win the slot game. We will be discussing how the slot game works in this article. Check out online2-casino to know more.

Random Number Generator

The concept of RNG still remains a mystery to casino players. Most of them are not aware of the system that powers the game they play. This addition came when casino games came online. Some programmers built an algorithm that can control the games at an online casino. This algorithm will ensure that the outcome of casino games are totally random. Any casino that set up this system cannot tamper with it.

Top casinos that love to give their players the best service use the RNG generator. This system is a set of numbers that shows up every second as the outcome of the game. However, this outcome is totally random. This will make every player at the casino site stand an equal chance at winning the game. Additionally, online casinos ensure fairness by employing the service of auditing firms.

  • The Random number generator
  • The Return to Player
  • The House Edge

Every online casino uses a Random Number Generator system that works with the RTP set by the casino for the game. The RTP of a game is the return that the players get over a long period of time. The RTP is a measure of the percentage a player gets from playing the game over a period. This percentage is relative to the house edge of the game.

Random and Compensated Slots

Random slots are easy to win because the outcome of the game is dependent on the outcome of the spin and any player might get lucky. However, compensated slots are fixed and the chances of winning the game are low. The machine has already been pre-programmed to work in a particular way. So no matter how much you wager, you might still lose your money.

Compensated slots were used in the early days of gambling. One downside to playing compensated slots is that the maximum win is low. Since the players have to try as much as they can to beat the machine, they will only get a low return. However, random slots offer huge payment when you hit the win. The chances of winning the random slot are more than a compensated slot.